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CLOCK System

The Clock 2-Wire System Is One Of The Most Innovative And Advanced Wired Systems In The Synchronized Time Industry.

It Starts With The Sma Series Master Clock Sending Time Data To A Converter Box. The Converter Box Is Powered Locally At 110-240Vac And Has Two Functions: It Reduces The Voltage To Provide 24-Volt Power To The Secondary Clocks, And It Sends The Time Data Every Second Over The Same Pair Of Electrical Wires.

Sophisticated In Design And Functionality, The System Is Simple To Install And Involves No Regular Maintenance. Both Analog And Digital Clocks May Be Installed On The Same Run.

Since There Is No Limit To The Number Of Converter Boxes That Can Be Added To The System. Clock System Can Serve Anything From A Small Facility With 20 Clocks To Mega Projects With 5,000 Clocks Or More.

The Master Clock Can Provide Time Data To A 2-Wire System And Most Third-Party Sync Wired Systems Simultaneously, Allowing A Seamless Upgrade Or Transition To The Cutting-Edge.


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