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Examples of The Major Subsystems Controlled by the Bms Are:

Hvac System, Central Fume Collection, Laminar Flow Units, Dust Collection System, Central Vacuum System, Heat Blowers, Technical Steam System, Hot Water System and Central Heating, Chilled Water System, Sprinkler System  For Fire Safety , Electrical Monitoring System. The Bms May Monitor the Consumed Electrical Power and The State Of Main Electrical Switches.

The BMS Comprise Following Types of Equipment:

One Main Operator Workstation  OWS , Ddc Outstations Located in Mechanical Plant Rooms and Other Technical Spaces.

Intelligent Field Devices and Interfaces.

Vav Boxes, Chilled Water Thermal Energy Meters, Electrical Power Meters and Other Equipment Such as Smart Valve and Damper Actuators Which

Communicate with The Bms Via A Data Connection Using the Lon Works, Tcp / Ip Protocol, Modbus, Bacnet, Etc.

Data Interfaces to The Building Fire Alarm, Automation System, Elevator, Security Systems.

End (Limit) Switches, Flow Switches, Temperature and Pressure Sensors and Other

Devices Needing Hard-Wired Connections.

Dry Contact Interfaces to Other Systems/Equipment for Monitoring or on/Off Control.

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