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Audio Visual System

An A/V Control System Is The Heart And Brain Of A Collection Of Communication Hardware And Software That Allows The Operator To Control Each Piece In Tandem Or Individually.

It Is A Real Multi-Tasking Tool That Functions To Streamline The Various Commands That Control The Individual Technology.

Think Of It As A Sophisticated And Innovative Device That Facilitates Collaboration Between The Different Hardware Mechanisms, Thereby Facilitating Collaborative Efforts Among Employees And Management.

They Can Be Used To Run A Single Conference Room Or The Entire Office. A/V Is An Abbreviation For Audiovisual Technology.

A/V Systems Can Be Comprised Of An Assortment Of Hardware That Includes Conference Telephones, Video Cameras, Interactive Whiteboards, Digital Signage, Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, Wireless Connectivity, And More.


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