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SCADA Systems

SCADA Stands For “Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition”. Scada Is A Type Of Process Control System Architecture That Uses Computers, Networked Data Communications And Graphical Human Machine Interfaces (Hmis) To Enable A High-Level Process Supervisory Management And Control.

SCADA Systems Communicate With Other Devices Such As Programmable Logic Controllers (Plcs) And Pid Controllers To Interact With Industrial Process Plant And Equipment.

SCADA Systems Form A Large Part Of Control Systems Engineering. Scada Systems Gather Pieces Of Information And Data From A Process That Is Analyzed In Real-Time (The “Da” In Scada). It Records And Logs The Data, As Well As Representing The Collected Data On Various Hmis.

This Enables Process Control Operators To Supervise (The “S” In Scada) What Is Going On In The Field, Even From A Distant Location. It Also Enables Operators To Control (The “C” In Scada) These Processes By Interacting With The Hmi.


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