Lighting Control

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Lighting is about more than just visibility; it's about setting the mood. Our lighting control solutions afford you the convenience of customised mood solutions that you can recall at the touch of a button. Each preset lighting program is designed to provide the optimum lighting for the mood you are trying to set. Both reliable and easy-to-use, an automated lighting system will take care of your lighting preferences, even when you're away from home. For example, if security is a concern, you can avoid the impression of an empty house by presetting specific lights to come on during the evening. Whether you are entertaining friends, looking to spend some time with your family, or simply need a moment of relaxation, set a personal lighting configuration that can be recalled to deliver an enhanced experience, every day.


Features of Lighting Control system

Integration and control of lighting from touch screens or on wall switches offers pre set scenes to allow mood settings across the house or apartment at the touch of a button. This will allow the client to have a number of predetermined scenes programmed into each room. So, whether it's a cocktail party, dinner or movie, the perfect mood can be set.

We can offer a reliable and effective control system to control your climate and blinds or window dressings. On wall smart switches combine the control of lighting presets, blinds, drapes and HVAC with LED temperature display which can be used alongside Ipad control.Within areas of a building it will be possible to manage and control thetemperature of single areas or global setting at the touch of a button. Preset programmed events can also be run to raise and lower the AC during certain times of the day.

Our systems offer the best and most flexible control and value for money in the market today as well as being environmentally aware.