In the past, the requirements buildings had to meet were far simpler. Heat, safety, and a secure roof overhead – little more was asked. But the economic, ecological, and social demands of our time have added to the list of requirements. Today, everything must be designed in such a way that technology is able to respond flexibly and reliably to the needs of building operators and users and to protect investments and the environment over the long term.

The requirements placed on advanced building automation and control systems are demanding: reliability is a standard feature now. Energy efficiency and cost optimization in buildings are mandatory.

We offer the building automation and control system that satisfies these requirements in superior style. Creating comfortable working conditions in a building while giving consideration to economical and ecological criteria. The system performs its control and monitoring tasks automatically and elegantly in the background. It is not confined to heating, ventilation and air conditioning, but is also a comprehensive and integrated system for building management covering all kinds of building services, such as lighting, blind control, safety and security, access control and energy distribution.